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2024-05 Release Notes

What's new in 2024-05

The 2024-05 version of Shopwaive's APIs includes the following highlights:

Customer API

Response body of Customer API GET requests now include an option for returning a customer's orders through the orders array by appending ?orders=true to the request url.

Response body of Customer API GET requests now return an abridged version of the customer's full account meta data, and do not include activity or orders arrays by default. To include these additional arrays in the response body, append optional query parameters ?activity=true or ?orders=true to the request url.

The transaction field included in the activity array and action object is deprecated and has been sunset beginning April 1, 2024. Requests to the Customer API should not depend on the field being included in the response body.

expirationdate and expires fields can now be included in the request body to the Customer API PUT and POST endpoints. Enable multiple expiry dates to create powerful promotional offers that expire on different dates and with their own eligibility rules and requirements.

referralurl is now returned if your Referral program is enabled. Learn more about Shopwaive's powerful Referral program for customers and affiliates. If new customers sign up using the referral link, you can choose to reward one or both the referrer and new customer

Action API

The Action API is a new resource available with the 2024-05 release of Shopwaive's REST API. Developers can issue segments of credit with independent expiration and eligibility, and include these offers at Checkout with Shopwaive's Checkout Extension for Shopify Plus. The top-level account balance expiration date, if set, overrides any segment-level credit expiration.


The Shopwaive REST API includes the Customer, Order, and Action APIs

Customer API

Customer API provides developers ability to query, increment, and set customer balances.

Action API

Action API provides developers ability to query, update expirations and meta data, and delete action properties.

Order API

Create a checkout url link you can direct your customers to with store credit applied, and optionally include combined line item discounts.

Good to know: Developers use the Order API to create a fully custom checkout experience. With Shopwaive's Order API, you can apply credit to an order, set line items and quantities, and apply discounts to each line item (optional). Use cases include automation of custom invoice creation based on customer credit accounts balances, promos, and account activation requests that include checkout preview links with credit automatically applied.

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